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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO "Mr. Honey"!!
    Just a few reasons why I Love Ya..................................

  • you do the dishes almost every night without me asking
  • you cook breakfast every day for the boys and get them ready for school so I can get to my job at the crack of dawn
  • you put up with my bitchiness "once a month" and still haven't left me
  • you always go to the store for my "feminine stuff" even though I know it embarrasses you
  • you think I look nice even when I haven't put on a stitch of makeup, have zit medicine on and am wearing my granny nightgown
  • you fix everything that breaks and never get mad
  • you re-did our entire kitchen all by yourself and saved us THOUSANDS OF BUCKS
  • you used all that money and took our family on a wonderful trip
  • you let me disappear all day on a Saturday so I can "shop for things we don't need"
  • you wear "breathe right strips" every night so I don't have to listen to you snore
  • you've coached all 3 boys in every sport they've ever played
  • you keep our yard meticulous and keep all my peonies and hydrangeas alive
  • you go on field trips with the boys and are always the only man
  • you let me decorate every room in our house in "girly colors"
  • you watch Real Housewives of OC and The Bachelor with me every week even though I know you hate both shows
  • you know my passion for pink and let me buy a pink quilt for our bed
  • you religiously change my oil (in 25 degree weather) and rotate my tires
  • you love my parents as much as I do
  • you plan all of our get-a-ways and do such a fantastic job
  • you clean up when the boys get sick because you know it makes me gag
  • you are adorable and don't even know it
  • you work harder than anyone I know and have instilled that work ethic into our boys
  • you let me give away most of your wardrobe to the homeless when we first met
  • you let me dress you for every occasion and never complain (when I make you wear the pink tie)
  • you are such a good sport when all your buddies tease you about your "girly" house
  • you always believe me (or pretend to) when I wear something new and I tell you it's old and was just sitting in the closet
  • you never loose your patience, with me or the kids
  • you are kind to everyone and never judge
  • you sit through the "chick flicks" even though I won't watch James Bond with you and the boys
  • i love that you and I have been together all these years and have built such a sweet life together
  • i love that you never ever forget a birthday or anniversary
  • i love that you have pictures plastered on your office wall of me and the boys
  • i love the sound of the garage door opening at the end of the day and you come through the door

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Annette @ Designs By A Rose said...

That is so sweet. A lot of those things could apply to my hubby. Tell yours Happy Birthday!!!

Seaside Prep said...

happy birthday to your Mr.!! :)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet hubby!! I am a new blogger and found your blog through SeaSide Prep, come check mine out if you would like!

Always Organizing said...

How cute are the two of you? Great list, happy birthday to your sweet hubby!!!

tickledpink said...

That is so sweet! Mr. Honey definitely sounds wonderful! Does he have a brother-ha? Happy Birthday Mr. Honey!

Lou Lou said...

So cute! Happy Birthday to your sweetie!

SweatPea said...

That is sooo sweet. Your hubby sounds like such a nice guy!

The Mrs. said...

Okay, you may have the best hubby EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Your hubby looks just like my dermotologist!

I just posted about Bachelor & Real Housewives OC. I'm so hooked on those shows it's ridiculous! ;-)

Tickled Pink And Green said...

P.S. We have the same blog template/background! It's so cute isn't it?

Lori said...

Wow, you got yourself a winner!
Happy Birthday to Mr Honey!