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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Closin Shop!

I was reading my little "local" newspaper yesterday, and was so sad to see that my favorite "local" flower shop was "closing shop"! I'm especially heartbroken, because the sweet gentleman who has run this shop with his wife for many years, has become a dear friend of mine; always taking extra time for my order and always putting his personal touch on it, to make it extra special for me........Merchants like that are hard to come by and these businesses are everything to them. Anyway, it certaintly won't be the same, next time I place an order for flowers. The recession has affected us all in different ways and for the small business owner, especially hard. It went on to say, that with Valentine's Day coming, if we are planning on sending flowers to someone, to try and use our local flower shop. Those types of businesses need our business!
Now, if those prices on roses would just come down!!
Happy Thursday Everyone:)


Seaside Prep said...

Great point! In times of recession, it is so important to support your local shops when buying items. If everyone pitches in, then hopefully most everyone;s favorite local shops will be able to stay open. I'm sorry it's closing- that totally stinks.

Good Gals Inc said...

I'm too saddened by how many great local businesses are closing in my area. I just can't believe times are this tough. I'm so sorry your favorite place is closing!

tickledpink said...

I love your new header by the way. I hate that your favorite store is closing. It really is scary to as how many stores are closing, and laying off employees. I tagged you my friend, so check out my blog for details!:)