Passion for Pink.

Monday, January 12, 2009

2 New Awards!

Thank You to One Fabulous Mom who so kindly awarded this sweet award to me. She is one amazing gal who never ceases to make me laugh while trying to juggle her busy life with a precious 2 year old boy and 28 weeks pregnant with a baby girl!! Please stop by and pay her a visit, she'll definitely make you smile :) This award has no "rules", so I'd like to pass it on to the following whom I think are truly beautiful!!!! Stop by and visit them :)

1. Mrs. Stilettos

2. Carolina Girl

3. Always Organizing

4. Pink Preppy Party Girl

5. Pink is My Signature Color

6. Lou Lou in Lilly


Lou Lou said...

aww thanks so much! :)

Always Organizing said...

Thank you!!! You are too sweet :)

tickledpink said...

You are precious! Thank you so much! I did tell you that I left something for you on my blog Monday or Sunday. I can't remember which day how awful is that? Thank you sweet friend for the award!