Passion for Pink.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas!

OK, gotta get to work with finishing up my Christmas Deocrating! This past summer I changed my living room and dining room colors and had them painted in a "buttery" yellow and a pale shade of blue. I find the paler shades to have much more of a "cottage feel". Due to the color changes, I've pretty much eliminated all my christmas decorations that are red and green; which was pretty much everything!! Anyway, Ms. Martha Stewart has a BEAUTIFUL line of ornaments and decorations in pinks, silvers, pale blues and lavenders.........SOOO PRETTY!! I pretty much bought the store out and I must say, everything looks pretty darn good! I'll post some pictures of my "creations" next blog! I'm trying to get it all done before my upcoming Christmas Cookie Exchange next Sunday. (I'm a nervous wreck....) Enjoy you Sunday Girls!


Lori said...

Your "PINK Christmas" will be beautiful!! :)

The Mrs. said...

I did a pink and green tree but now I think I could take it even further!!!!!!!!!

Chef DeEtte said...

I love your site! I too am a pink girl and have the Sango Christmas China. I found it at Redding China (now closed) in 1995 fell in love with it at first sight!
I had a Christmas open house today and make a cake to match the china... take a look.

Chef DeEtte said...

I love your site and I love pink!! I found the Sango China in 1995 at Redding China. (now closed) and then at a close out sale where I purchased every piece of the china they had on hand for $20.00! I just make a cake today that matches the China pattern.