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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Venturing into the World of Blogging!!

This is my very first post and after reading and following so many incredible blogs for quite some time now, I decided to jump in! I must say, I'm petrified, yet excited about this whole "blogging journey". I'm absolutely OVERWHELMED at the immensely TALENTED and GIFTED writers out there; everyday I feel like I've learned and benefited from these AMAZING WOMEN and like a good book, I loose myself for a little while each day, in their world. I find I really route for these gals, I feel their sadness and frustration when life has thrown them a "curve ball", I'm overjoyed for them when they get engaged or have a new baby, giddy when I learn a new recipe, mesmerized at the different decorating styles of their homes and dorm rooms, and just a feeling of sheer peace, knowing they're there, everyday, telling me about just that, their new day! Me and my husband, "Mr. Honey" as I sometimes refer to him, just sent our oldest son, Patrick, off to college. As hard as I thought it was going to be, it was 10 TIMES HARDER!!(that's another blog!) I've always loved to write, so I'm thinking this blog, "my new baby", we be somewhat therapeutic for me. I hope you all will BARE WITH ME as I will be trying to figure out all this blogging stuff as I go!! I even found this wonderful gal to do a new template for me, and I'm really psyched to eventually put it up.
Until my next post, take care! Warmly, Nantucket Karen


Southern Sugar said...

Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you better. I know what it feels like when that first baby leaves the nest. Sometimes I still miss mine and long for them to be in their room and it hits me so hard. But it gets easier. Hang in there and enjoy blogging!

Lauren said...

Welcome to blog world! I am looking forward to reading!