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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Planning My First Christmas Cookie Exchange

Don't know what got into me the other day, but I decided to be brave and host my very first Christmas Cookie Exchange Party with 25 girls!! I remember my Mom always hosting them when I was a little girl, and having millions of different, beautifully decorated, yummy cookies around our house for weeks afterward;our house was "Cookie Central"!! I've decided to try and start a new holiday tradition and if successful, like all my Mom's were, our house will now be "Cookie Central" Haven't told "Mr. Honey" yet, but I'm thinking of asking him to be the official "cookie judge" (I will give prizes to the best, most creative, etc.)and maybe in doing so, he'll be a little more understanding of having his home being taken over by a lot of loud, fun gals; I plan on offering a "spiked" cider to add to the festive mood! If anyone has any suggestions for me in the planning of this "endeavor", I would welcome all comments!! Warmly, Nantucket Karen

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Always Organizing said...

This sounds like so much fun! I hope you will post pics of the fabulous cookies :)